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Transform Your Lifetime is the (thought and feeling) child of coach Brandi Bee Love. In the late summer and early fall of 2013, Brandi sat with her thoughts and feelings for weeks, she pondered about the previous 33 years of pain and struggle through childhood trauma, the loss of her mother (and many others as well). Moreover, how this pain had began to transmute a few years before.

She had a lovely blended family of her own at that point in her life and was filled withthe happy busyness that comes when there is always something to be done. The lifestyle was absolutely go, go, go. This worked well; giving her purpose

and reason to balance life’s losses. Nothing like life to combat death. This was until burnout set in!!


The quest to find balance continued. Transform Your Lifetime (originally called Love Flow) was born and many more years were spent hunting and gathering for the knowledge that led to: healing, finding pure identity, coming home to self, authenticity, integrity, peace, laughter, joy, hydration, health, and the acceptance of limitless potential. With that time and life study Brandi built a toolbox approach to finding and honoring the self (everyone is an individual first) producing an extraordinary reality. It is more than a system, it's a way of life! 

Nature has always been a first language for Brandi. Running into the forest as a 2 and 3 year old, communing with her "pet" owl & snake, and dogs Rusty and Buddy (the owl and snake were wild and did not belong to the family as a whole). 

Her programs are designed for people to reconnect with their authentic selves, and to live fully and abundantly. If you find yourself here that's a sign you are heading in the right direction. Perhaps you're the person who is attracted to doing too much and has lost a sense of fulfillment along the way or you are ready for that next big leap towards your greatness, or maybe you feel disconnected!  Transform Your Lifetime supports you in letting your light shine! To restore or find your own personalized balance. When we look inward the answers we seek are found. Brandi uses an integrated approach with multiple methodologies and her big toolbox of strategies to make sure you have everything you need to create the ideal plan of action for beautiful you to live an abundant and dynamic life. 

You will learn about your senses and how to listen to what they are telling you. You will utilize self love practices, journaling, art, food choices, breath work, the elements, and movement to bring you into alignment. Delivering a happy youthful glow in your face, a bounce in your steps, and the true authenticity that springs from your soul and makes magic happen.

Choosing you first, means everyone wins!!!

XO Brandi Bee Love

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