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Providing Results


Brandi has not only provided a safe space for me to show up in, but truly placed a mirror in front of me to take a better look at myself during this time of transitioning! With her continuous love, light, and compassion; I have been able to continuously expand towards a more fulfilling life! Always there to nurture me during some uncertain and overwhelming times, as well as, challenge my ego. She truly has shown up for me so I may in turn show up for myself! :) If you know you are ready for a change and not sure how to do it, feeling stuck but ready, or uncomfortable with the unknown . . Brandi is the coach for you! 

- Mel, New Jersey


My sessions with Brandi Bee Love opened my eyes to what I did not see. She knows how to receive us where we are and allows us to find clarity. She is attentive, present, authentic, inspiring. Her listening skills are incredible. She knows how to create a space where we feel confident, where we can simply be ourselves. She knows how to ask us the right questions which allowed me to reflect on different areas of my life. She guides us subtly to open us to different perspectives of life, she opens us to a field of possibility. She was able to bring out the best in me when I couldn't see. She’s a real guide, a real coach! Thank you Brandi!

-Marie-Josée Larocque, Montreal 

Individual Lifebook

My experience with Brandi was Amazing. We were connected right from our first call. I felt relaxed, accepted, heard by her and knew that I want to work with her. I wasn’t disappointed! I was looking forward to each call. She encouraged me to step into my best possible self, guiding me when I felt stuck and asked great questions. It was so easy to talk with Brandi and I could share everything with her that I wanted. She was never judgmental and always saw the best in me no matter what. I feel so special every time we talk and it makes me to want to become even better. She is a one of a kind Coach! I highly recommend Brandi to anyone who wants a great coaching experience and wants to feel safe during the coaching sessions. I got amazing results!

-Edina Viens, Colorado

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